Letter From The Team

The War at our Front Door

Let us tell you a little bit more about our mission here at Red White and Blueprint.

In short - we are you.

This team is united together with you in one goal - to take back our country, one community at a time.

How are we going to do that?

We'll tell you about that in a minute.

But first let's talk about the problem (which you are most likely aware of already).

The problem is that the laws and mandates set in place at a state and federal level often MAKE NO SENSE in our local communities.

Those laws are against us, not for us.

And during the COVID Pandemic, America started to wake up to this reality.

Here's an example - When our governor here in California told us our kids aren't allowed to play sports, we can't get haircuts, or our businesses can't operate, it raised SERIOUS questions.

Questions like: Is our governor even allowed to make that decision?

Does Redding (our town) really need to be in a lockdown?

Does the local infection and ICU rate data even support such a drastic measure? (Hardly. In LA? Or San Francisco? Sure.. maybe..but not here in Redding)

Why is my government putting a mandate on rural Redding based on the potential danger in San Francisco?

Isn't the constitution supposed to limit their power, so that our basic freedoms are the priority??

You can see that this is hardly about COVID.

This is about the overreaching and out of touch state and federal government controlling our local cities. (And withholding support if we refuse to comply to their demands)

In fact the constitution specifically warns about this - that when government overreach happens, your republic is on the brink of collapse. (more on that later)

We both know, we are at that point - our Republic is in jeopardy.

So what can we do about it?

We have to elect local officials that have the spine to stand up to the State and the Federal Government.

Don't think that can happen?

It can - We're seeing it, and we will tell you about it in the documentary.

It's something that is happening this year in our county.

That's what the Red White and Blueprint is all about.

To not only spread awareness of this problem, but to give control back to the people.

And not only that, but to equip you with everything you need to accomplish change in your own city.

So that your voice is heard.

So that your needs are met.

So that You Will Have Your Freedom.

We will do this by electing leaders that don't ignore the constitution, but live by it.

Leaders that aren't manipulated or controlled by the State or Federal Government.

That's what the documentary will be all about - how it's happened before, how we are seeing it happen right now in our community, and how you can make it happen in yours.

This is also why we believe so strongly in this docuseries.

Because as many people as possible need to see it, join our movement, and become educated and equipped.

We will have our freedom.
- Red White and Blueprint Team.