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Red, White and Blueprint chronicles the journey of a determined community in Northern California who believe their fundamental rights as American citizens have been encroached upon by officials who have become subservient to the demands of an oppressive governor and abandoned the very people they were elected to serve.

Brought together by a common desire to ensure their freedoms stay intact and are well represented, this limited series follows a group of constituents as they navigate the difficult path to recall county supervisors in hopes to hold a new, special election.

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Documentary Episodes

Length: 37:05

Following months of lockdowns and school closures, citizens in Northern California begin to appeal to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors for answers but find they’ve been locked out of the board chambers. A group begins to form with the intent of recalling supervisors who they believe are no longer longer fit for the position.

Length: 29:08

After being served with a notice of intent to recall, three of the five Shasta County Supervisors hold a press conference, alleging the group behind the recall as well as the documentary filmmakers are using dark money to fund their operations. A committee called Shasta Forward is formed by the same supervisors in opposition to the citizen led recall effort.

Length: 35:15

Supervisor Patrick Jones discusses inefficiencies and fiscal mismanagement that have permeated the Shasta County government. As the recall effort ramps up, Carlos Zapata finds himself in the crosshairs of the media, district attorney and disgruntled supervisors in what he describes as a politically motivated investigation. Recall Chair, Elissa McEuen discusses challenges the group has faced as they begin to gear up for signature gathering.

Length: 33:11

Adding fuel to an already contentious fire, Leonard Moty not only faces a possible recall but is found guilty by the grand jury of using his position as county supervisor to cross evacuation lines during the Carr fire to refuel his home generators. While Carlos Zapata pleads not guilty and prepares for trial, recall chair, Elissa McEuen rally’s volunteer signature gatherers who begin canvassing the district neighborhoods.

Length: 32:13

Shasta Recall Chairwoman, Elissa McEuen, has choice words for Supervisor Mary Rickert at a county meeting following Rickert’s comments about McEuen and the county budget on a local radio station. The Shasta County District Attorney takes Carlos Zapata to trial.

Length: 31:49

New state mandates cause Shasta County health care workers to voice concerns to the board of supervisors but their pleas fall on deaf ears. Chairman of nearby San Joaquin County board of supervisors, Tom Patty, explains that Supervisors can and should take positions of advocacy as part of true representation to constituents who elected them. Ellisa McEuen and Recall Shasta deliver signatures to the register of voters.

Length: 39:41

Shasta County register of voters confirms that the required amount of valid signatures has been met to trigger a special recall election. A whistleblower alleges corruption in the sheriff’s department as well as the county board of supervisors. As votes are being cast in the special recall election, new candidates emerge and introduce themselves to the public. In an unlikely and highly contentious decision, the board of supervisors vote Leonard Moty to be the new chairman causing the regularly scheduled public meeting to spiral out of control.

Length: 35:45

Supporters of the recall gather on election day in high anticipation as the final votes are tallied and published online. Supervisor Patrick Jones is shocked to find his key card to the board chambers has been deactivated at the request of Supervisor Leonard Moty. Following the results of the recall, members of the recall effort gather to reflect upon the past and agree to remain vigilant as they look toward the future.

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